The Purpose Of A Wedding Toastmaster


Some wedding venues in Kent offer a professional Toastmaster for their weddings, but it's important to understand how they can help before adding this additional expense to your wedding budget. Lovepear Photography has worked with many Toastmasters, and offers a perspective here from that of the official wedding photographer.

As with any other wedding professionals, it's important to ensure that any Toastmaster has the appropriate experience, and within the UK this role should be affiliated with the Toastmasters General Council, and one of a number of Toastmaster associations. Your Toastmaster will provide public liability insurance and come with the training and expertise necessary to help bring organization and tradition to your wedding day. An association member will also provide the peace-of-mind in providing cover should they fall ill on the day.

A Toastmaster is usually available for the ceremony, wedding breakfast and the reception. Notable for their distinctive uniform, your Toastmaster's job is to keep your wedding running smoothly and on time as the master of ceremonies. The Toastmaster will typically announce the wedding meal, the wedding cake cutting, the wedding speeches, and the first dance, along with what to expect and any special requests you may have.

From a wedding photography perspective, a Toastmaster can be helpful in keeping guests well behaved and gathering those required for group photos. They may also be able to provide access to more private areas of your venue for more lovely photo opportunities too.

However, it is important that the Toastmaster works in support of your wedding photographer and not against them. There are some who feel the need to regiment the photo shoot and force the pace of photography which many photographers will not appreciate and your wedding photography may not match your expectations as a result. Read more about how to find the best (united kingdom) kent wedding photographers.

It is also worth deciding how prominent you wish your Toastmaster to be on the day itself, as you may find they appear in too many of your wedding photos due to being in your close proximity for all the key stages of the day.

It should not be forgotten that your wedding photographer is also at your wedding to do a job, and a Toastmaster may well interfere with their agenda. If you are getting married make the effort to introduce your Toastmaster to your wedding photographer before the wedding day so they can both discuss and organize the photography in line with your prescribed requirements.