Blurb Review

Blurb is a self-publishing platform that allows creative individuals to create, share, publish and even sell their work through this platform. Blurb mostly focuses on writing so it is mostly a platform for writers looking to share their ideologies with the rest of the world. Blurb is a website and was founded in the year 2005 by Eileen Gittins. It has been operational until now and has facilitated the publishing of over 8 million books. This is quite an accomplishment for any publishing platform. It was even named in 2006 by Times magazine as one of the 50 coolest websites and given the top rating at Matt's Photobooks.

Services offered

The blurb website offers a range of unique services to its users. As bookmaking website it provides a wide range of bookmaking tools. Some of these bookmaking tools include Bookify, Booksmart and a plug in for Adobe InDesign and add ins for Microsoft word as well. All these bookmaking tools enable blurb users to create and upload their creative work directly to the blurb website for printing or creation in eBook form. Blurb also enables their users to share and promote their books by the use of blurb’s free online marketing tools. By using blurb, a writer gets the opportunity to create their books and publish them freely without the need for interviewing with different publishers. Blurb has revolutionized the world of writers and has made easy and efficient for any writer looking to share their ideologies with the world.

Current accomplishments

Blurb is still striving on improving its website to better serve its users. Just recently (May 2014), Blurb acquired a self-publishing platform for magazines called MagCloud. Blurb took over the company’s operations and now also offers services such as warehousing and fulfilment to its users and now acts as online shop for boutique and niche publishing. Blurb has also formed a partnership with Amazon that will enable blurb-designed books to be sold and distributed on Amazon. This will expand the market for blurb users’ creative work.



Authors using blurb retain 100% of their mark up on the sale of printed books and 80% on all the sales of their eBooks. This provides all writers even upcoming ones with an opportunity to earn a living by doing what they love. This amazing website is now the in thing, with it you can also create, print, publish and sell photo books, trade books and magazines in both digital and print form. If you're planning to publish books use blurb anytime.